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Although still under development, our Webshop is now open for business.

As prices fluctuate on a daily basis in the grocery business, we reserve the right to change prices at any time. Prices on our webshop may therefore not always be accurate and are presented with this reservation. We also reserve the right to alter prices due to possible errors on our part. Thank you for your understanding.

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* Change the country in the drop-down box on the first page, as you will not be able to change it later

(which, unless you live in Afghanistan, you will want to do).

* Note the first Order Confirmation you receive by e-mail is only an automatic confirmation of your Order Request.

The sum mentioned is likely to change depending on our stock situation and any delivery charg etc. so wait for the final invoice which we will send you later. As our stock levels fluctuate, we will first contact you with up-to-date details of your order before we dispatch it.

Important note regarding products containing ALCOHOL

Due to differences in excise duty imposed on alcoholic beverages in Luxembourg and in Belgium, all price information for such products mentioned on this webshop relate to Luxembourg ONLY.

Customers outside Luxembourg are requested please to contact us for a specific quotation.

Alternatively, if you are a customer outside Luxembourg, you are welcome to put such products in your basket, but we will contact you with a new price quote and will proceed with that part of your order only after you have accepted the quoted price.

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